Does your computer seem to be running slow?
Are you running out of space on your hard drive?
Instead of buying a new computer it is often possible to gain new life from your current one. Your CPU, mainboard (motherboard), RAM (memory), hard drive (storage) and other components can be replaced to upgrade your existing system.
Whether you're looking to add RAM, a larger hard drive, or a CD Burner, we can help you.

New Vista PC Running Slow?
Windows Vista is a great operating system with a fresh new look. Great as it may be, too many people are finding it just doesn't perform how it should. The reason for this is really very simple, although 1GB was great for Windows XP, we try not to build Vista computers with less than 2GB as this has proven to be a comfortable amount for the average home user.
I can onsite upgrade the memory in virtually any new PC to 2GB or more and give you the performance you paid for.

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