Software tuition tailored to your specific needs: Show or describe any problems you may be having, and specify what you wish to learn. This approach allows a customised and precise session to be carried out saving you time and money.

Operation and System Maintenance: Learn how to keep your PC running at peak performance with an easy weekly routine.

Microsoft Software tuition: Windows, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook, Explorer and Works.

'On the fly' Software Tuition: There are literally thousands of different software packages on the market. Tutoring somebody in the use of software I have never used is always a challenge. Thus far I have always been successful finding my way around the many packages, and able to help individuals understand the main uses.

Software Installation and Removal: Any and all third party software.

Custom Configure your PC: Learn how to optimise the performance of your Windows Operating System and to choose the software that will work best for you.

Internet Connection: Most ISPs are supported.

Search engines: Lessons using efficient search language: Find what you're looking for FAST!

Internet Security and Safety Preferences: Virus Protection, Restricting Web Site Access

Ubuntu Linux: Installation, use and troubleshooting.

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